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All Projects : F4 - Fantom IDE (Key: FAN)

Project Lead: Ivan Inozemtsev

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Release Notes

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Road Map

  0 of 3 issues have been resolved
Umbrella for all issues we are going to fix in far future
   Requirement FAN-128 UNRESOLVED AST Rewrite Major Open
   Improvement FAN-361 UNRESOLVED Add hyperlink handling in Fandoc text hovers Major Open
   Bug FAN-407 UNRESOLVED no code formating on demand Major Open
  49 of 107 issues have been resolved
Stable usable version
   New Feature FAN-126 UNRESOLVED 'Inherited abstract methods' in new Fan Class wizard Major Open
   New Feature FAN-283 UNRESOLVED Add Target platform concept Major Open
   New Feature FAN-256 UNRESOLVED Add folding by section separators Major Open
   Improvement FAN-332 UNRESOLVED Add support for Ctrl+F and Ctrl+O in FCode editor Major Open
   Bug FAN-441 UNRESOLVED Autocompletion doesn't work in broken files Major Open
   New Feature FAN-123 UNRESOLVED Build Java Stubs for Fan/Java development Major Open
   Improvement FAN-352 UNRESOLVED Challenge - be able to compile pods with java dir Major Open
   Task FAN-339 UNRESOLVED Completion improvements - avoid discouraging hints Major Open
   Bug FAN-257 UNRESOLVED Ctrl+Shift+T does not work in debug perspective Major Open
   Bug FAN-432 UNRESOLVED Debug does not allocate console Major Open
   Improvement FAN-427 UNRESOLVED Enable seamless configuration of debug=true option in /etc/sys/config.props Major Open
   Bug FAN-440 UNRESOLVED Exception when trying to create class already defined in another file Major Open
   Improvement FAN-433 UNRESOLVED Extend syntax coloring preview example Major Open
   Bug FAN-429 UNRESOLVED F4 doesn't handle internal errors from external compiler. Major Open
   Bug FAN-438 UNRESOLVED F4 reorders build src dirs when not needed Major Open
   Improvement FAN-230 UNRESOLVED Fan Test creation wizard Major Open
   Task FAN-209 UNRESOLVED Implement debug tests Major Open
   Improvement FAN-344 UNRESOLVED Implement lazy introspection of Java types Major Open
   New Feature FAN-426 UNRESOLVED Improved workspace management Major Open
   Task FAN-450 UNRESOLVED Move "New type" wizards to Fantom Major Open
   Task FAN-455 UNRESOLVED Move preferences management to Fantom Major Open
   Task FAN-333 UNRESOLVED Move semantic highlighting to Fantom code Major Open
   Bug FAN-416 UNRESOLVED Not all elements are avaliable in Fantom → Syntax coloring Major Open
   New Feature FAN-244 UNRESOLVED Organize usings for fan Major Open
   New Feature FAN-326 UNRESOLVED Override methods with completion Major Open
   Improvement FAN-248 UNRESOLVED Progress Monitor/ Busy Cursor when selecting interpreter Major Open
   Bug FAN-454 UNRESOLVED Runtime doesn't start activators Major Open
   New Feature FAN-325 UNRESOLVED Show method help for CTRL+SPACE Major Open
   New Feature FAN-402 UNRESOLVED Some limitation on build Major Open
   Bug FAN-430 UNRESOLVED Sometimes most of IDE features stop working Major Open
   Improvement FAN-444 UNRESOLVED Store user settings Major Open
   Bug FAN-445 UNRESOLVED Support for @Operator with add method Major Open
   Improvement FAN-434 UNRESOLVED Syntax coloring values for null, false & true Major Open
   Bug FAN-417 UNRESOLVED Syntax highlighting preview does not support semantic highlighting Major Open
   Bug FAN-446 UNRESOLVED Type Hierarchy uses simple names Major Open
   Bug FAN-422 UNRESOLVED Update Site throws exception "Could not find latest build for F4-DEF" Major Open
   New Feature FAN-351 UNRESOLVED We need to have Fant pluig-in launch Major Open
   Bug FAN-302 UNRESOLVED fanbuilder fails silently when building with wrong interpreter Major Open
   Bug FAN-405 UNRESOLVED issues on build Major Open
   Improvement FAN-375 UNRESOLVED need underline highlighting on compile errors Major Open
   Bug FAN-204 UNRESOLVED Debug doesn't show source for java implementation of the native fan classes. Major Reopened
   New Feature FAN-152 UNRESOLVED Fan interpreter source attachemetns UI Major Reopened
   Task FAN-208 UNRESOLVED Implement launching tests Major Reopened
   New Feature FAN-306 UNRESOLVED 'open type' should also search for java types Minor Open
   Requirement FAN-108 UNRESOLVED All icons/images should be consistent Minor Open
   Improvement FAN-121 UNRESOLVED Attach sources to Java classes in Pods Minor Open
   Bug FAN-202 UNRESOLVED Breakpoints get lost after file renaming Minor Open
   Improvement FAN-232 UNRESOLVED Create icons for Fan launch configurations (separate icon for testing) Minor Open
   Task FAN-133 UNRESOLVED Customize PermGen and memory options for Fan IDE distribution Minor Open
   Bug FAN-448 UNRESOLVED Exception in editor of *.fcode after updating Minor Open
   Bug FAN-345 UNRESOLVED F4 can't find source files when launching as plugins Minor Open
   Bug FAN-425 UNRESOLVED F4 does not handle file links in console Minor Open
   Improvement FAN-279 UNRESOLVED Fan Explorer - Import declarations filter for Fantom elements Minor Open
   Improvement FAN-146 UNRESOLVED Fan open type should have F hover on the action icon Minor Open
   Bug FAN-437 UNRESOLVED If .fan file contains errors (syntax or others) F4 fails with exception Minor Open
   Bug FAN-415 UNRESOLVED Matches are not highlighted in OpenType dialog Minor Open
   Bug FAN-436 UNRESOLVED New Fantom interpreter location isn't taken in account immediately Minor Open
   Bug FAN-240 UNRESOLVED Show In... > Fan Explorer Minor Open
   Bug FAN-277 FIXED Build system does not build Fan IDE Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-386 FIXED Builder can't resolve pods during compilation Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-388 FIXED Exceptions in different actions if no default interpreter Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-428 FIXED F4 builder lock pod file sometimes Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-458 FIXED Problem with editing ** comments Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-406 FIXED Structure parser fails on methods with list parameter initializers Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-431 FIXED list[1..2] reports error on fantom-1.0.57 runtime Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-254 CANNOT REPRODUCE Can't run script from Fan IDE Critical Resolved
   Improvement FAN-327 FIXED Add spaces between arguments for completion Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-336 FIXED Add support for breakpoints in closures Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-321 FIXED Add support for built-in generic types Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-447 FIXED Avoid stream of exceptions when open *.fan file out of fan project Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-385 FIXED Build fantom projects does not generate javascript Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-231 FIXED Can't go to source file from ScriptUnitTestView Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-393 FIXED Creating a new project over an existing Fan build fails with a NullErr Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-322 FIXED Duplicate variables in the complition list Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-323 FIXED Editor decorates code in the comments Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-412 FIXED Editor templates for syserr and sysout are out of date Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-410 FIXED Editors for Open Fantom Type and class files in an interpreter library are not consistent Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-284 FIXED Error highlighting usings Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-398 FIXED F4 does not rebuild pods when resources under resDirs are changed Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-413 FIXED F4 fails with out of memory error when `./` is included to src dirs Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-435 FIXED F4 ignores some breakpoints Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-423 FIXED F4 ignores version number from build.pod Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-439 FIXED Going to class inside map declaration send you to Map.fan Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-399 FIXED Incorrect completion Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-464 FIXED Numbers instead of automatically closed braces (Windows) Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-367 FIXED Organize method completions Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-295 FIXED Parser treats 2 identifier on different lines as variable declaration Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-459 FIXED Provide compatibility for F4 plugins with eclipse 3.7 Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-229 FIXED Standard Alt-Shift-R shortcut doens't work for file rename in Fan explorer. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-408 FIXED Step-by-step mode doesn't step into mixins Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-424 FIXED Triple-quoted strings are not highlighted correctly Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-461 FIXED Use JDT information for FFI Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-411 FIXED Wrong completion for some types Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-397 FIXED completion fails if method has inserted functype params Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-395 FIXED incorrect method completion for methods with default params Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-403 FIXED infer generic types by literals Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-389 FIXED parser fails on empty switch statements Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-443 WON'T FIX console character encoding Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-237 DUPLICATE JDT opens wrong class from fan console output. Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-420 INCOMPLETE Autocomplete inside string literals Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-242 INCOMPLETE Type Hierarchy is wrong at least for fcode files Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-401 CANNOT REPRODUCE Error when closing project Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-392 CANNOT REPRODUCE Interpreter Libraries not updated when build.fan specifies version Major Resolved
   Task FAN-10 FIXED Implement Fan source parser Major Closed
   Bug FAN-400 DUPLICATE Creating project from existing source fails Major Closed
   Bug FAN-238 CANNOT REPRODUCE Debugger does not stop on breakpoint Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-164 INVALID Compiler do not respect log level settings Trivial Resolved
Progress:  No issues.
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