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All Projects : F4 - Fantom IDE (Key: FAN)

Project Lead: Ivan Inozemtsev

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Release Notes

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Change Log

Release candidate #1 for version 1.1
   Task FAN-453 FIXED Automate deployment of new versions of F4 Major Resolved
   Task FAN-457 FIXED Create p2.inf with proper instructions for F4 Major Resolved
   Task FAN-452 FIXED Migrate builds to tycho 0.11.0 and merge build plans Major Resolved
   Task FAN-451 FIXED Move F4 sources to git repository Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-456 FIXED Wrong icons in rcp Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-132 FIXED Error reporting are broken after latest changes Blocker Resolved
   Bug FAN-117 FIXED Breakpoints are moved after save file Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-100 FIXED Build broken again Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-120 FIXED Could not execute script which uses FWT Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-381 FIXED Creating Fantom project creates java src cp entry at project root Critical Resolved
   Improvement FAN-70 FIXED Documentation hovers Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-250 FIXED Exception on creation new launch configuration Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-353 FIXED FantomProjectManager is intolerant to projects closing and removing Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-157 FIXED No Project Properties in Fan Explorer context menu Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-309 FIXED Open type dialog do not show system types Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-380 FIXED Parser crashes on unresolved slot literals Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-343 FIXED Parser does not restore correctly Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-348 FIXED Source lookup does not resolve library sources Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-355 FIXED wrong interpreter name when adding new interpreter Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-124 INVALID java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen while debug Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-140 FIXED "null" string instead of pod name in launch configuration Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-378 FIXED 'Add Fan nature' breaks Java project somehow Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-377 FIXED 'Add fan nature' does not create 'fan' source folder by default Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-305 FIXED 'add fan nature' fails if build.fan does not exist Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-239 FIXED Bad FCode Viewer positioning with outline Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-98 FIXED Breakpoints problems Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-414 FIXED Build RCPs for three platforms Major Resolved
   Task FAN-274 FIXED Build path container for build.fan content Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-276 FIXED Builder is not started after interpreter change Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-331 FIXED Can't create and open window: error in runtime Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-154 FIXED Can't create project on new workspace Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-258 FIXED Can't edit launch configurations Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-330 FIXED Can't launch fan project if i use AbstractMain Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-144 FIXED Can't open type in Open Type dialog Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-125 FIXED Can't refresh java project in Fan perspective Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-83 FIXED Code Templates Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-275 FIXED Coerce to non-null in Parser.ternary(Parser.fan:786) Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-354 FIXED CompilerErr when switching by enums from foreign pod Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-324 FIXED Completion does not work correctly inside with-blocks Major Resolved
   Task FAN-338 FIXED Completion improvements - multiple proposals for methods with default parameters Major Resolved
   Requirement FAN-156 FIXED Configure Fan and Java build path from Fan Explorer Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-107 FIXED Console hyperlink detection work not in all cases Major Resolved
   Task FAN-340 FIXED Convert com.xored.fanide.testing то com.xored.f4.testing Major Resolved
   Task FAN-312 FIXED Convert selection engine to Fantom Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-269 FIXED Copy-paste classes is evil Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-225 FIXED Copy/Paste working incorrectly in Fan Editor Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-85 FIXED Couldn't add Class/Mixin/Script/.. to package Major Resolved
   Task FAN-11 FIXED Create model elements from Pods Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-135 FIXED Debug in pods support. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-114 FIXED Debug sometimes don't work Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-86 FIXED Debug under Linux doesn't find sources. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-150 FIXED Display doc folder in Pods Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-262 FIXED Display warnings as warnings, not errors Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-58 FIXED Double-click on .class file in Script Explorer should open this file in the editor Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-192 FIXED Errors on methods do not highlighted in the Fan Explorer Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-245 FIXED Exception in editor Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-263 FIXED Exception when pointing mouse to variable declaration Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-249 FIXED Exchange Interpreter name and Interpreter location Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-219 FIXED Fan Call/Calee hierarchy calculation should filter elements. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-89 FIXED Fan IDE ignores Preferences->Fan->Editor->Smart Typing Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-130 FIXED Fan Test Runing on scripts works incorrect Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-151 FIXED Fan Testing Run should understand classes that not directly inherit from Test class Major Resolved
   Task FAN-68 FIXED Fan Unit Test support Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-214 FIXED Fan builder ignore java changes Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-193 FIXED Fan errors are not highlighted in the Outline Major Resolved
   Task FAN-246 FIXED Fan runtime model Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-112 FIXED Fan tests do not require test class to be specified Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-158 FIXED Fan/Build Path project property page displays "Not a script project" Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-127 FIXED Fant launch configurations should have 'test' in their name by default Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-299 FIXED Fantom IDE doesn't work if can't read build.fan file Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-301 FIXED FantomVM can't find required pods when run from binaries Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-141 FIXED File rename doesn't work correctly Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-168 FIXED Filter Empty parent packages are not work for pods inner content in Fan Explorer but work in Script Explorer Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-63 FIXED Folding feature for Fan closures Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-84 FIXED Getting pod name for fan elements Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-281 FIXED IScriptProject does not return pods from build.fan as IBuildpathEntry Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-167 FIXED If Fan project has reference on buildpath to not exist fan project source location of nativa fan methods are not work. Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-110 FIXED If we found several pod records in one project we should report a error Major Resolved
   Task FAN-341 FIXED Implement Main tabs in Fan/Fant launch configurations in Fantom Major Resolved
   Task FAN-311 FIXED Implement TODO parser in Fantom Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-183 FIXED Implement Team Compare feature for Fan source files. Major Resolved
   Task FAN-328 FIXED Implement call hierarchy in Fantom Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-143 FIXED Implement declaration search in Pods Major Resolved
   Task FAN-293 FIXED Implement search (using IMatchLocator) for Fantom Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-101 FIXED Improve usability of fandoc comments Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-96 FIXED Incorrect parsing of single quotes Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-290 FIXED Initially fold options & behavior Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-90 FIXED Insert variable do not work in Code Templates/Edit dialog Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-113 FIXED Interpreter change should trigger project rebuild Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-261 FIXED Invalid build order Major Resolved
   Task FAN-334 FIXED Move fanide.ui.jdtintegration to f4.ui.jdt Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-304 FIXED NPE in search Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-106 FIXED NPE in source lookup Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-94 FIXED NPE then try to sed breakpoint in fan source file from pod Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-119 FIXED NPE then try to set breakpoint on 'using fwt' Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-286 FIXED Need to extract index field from build.fan Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-99 FIXED New "Fan Source Folder" shortcut should be provided for Fan Script Explorer Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-92 FIXED New Class/XXX dialog do not use 'filecomment' code template Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-102 FIXED No automatic code templates Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-139 FIXED NullPointerException when working with launch configurations Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-118 FIXED On debug of FanObject class file editor doesn't display source attachement Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-383 FIXED Outlie shows 'class EOF' when typing 'class' in the end of source module Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-360 FIXED Parser does not correctly generate call expressions when method accepts more than one func param Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-314 FIXED Parser fails on unfinished string literal Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-91 FIXED Parser reported problems override builder output problems Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-268 FIXED Parser seems to fail on it-blocks Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-358 FIXED Parser should detect with-blocks and generate correct CallExpr Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-155 FIXED Please include Error Log in Fan perspective Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-109 FIXED Pod name detection are not working correctly Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-357 FIXED Propagate closure parameters as local variables with inferred types in parser Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-147 FIXED Refine Fan perspective icon Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-298 FIXED Refresh .pod file in workspace after build Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-166 FIXED RemoteSystemsTempFiles entry should not be visible in Fan Explorer (caused by installed RSE) Major Resolved
   Task FAN-329 FIXED Remove dead code from Java Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-280 FIXED Rename Fan Explorer, perspective, preference page to Fantom Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-48 FIXED Report TODO tasks in multiline comments from builder Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-190 FIXED Run Fan Script creates new configuration every time. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-87 FIXED Running of build.fan are not working property for linux Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-93 FIXED Search Fan types doesn't show classes from pods Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-384 FIXED Search gives wrong matches Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-270 FIXED Search indices initializing way too long Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-67 FIXED Selection Engine for Fan IDE Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-142 FIXED Source attachements support Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-116 FIXED Source attachements to Fan Native Libraries are not work if Fan interpreter in symlinked folder. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-97 FIXED Source lookup are not working property then try to step into some library pod Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-267 FIXED Strange parser errors Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-390 FIXED StructureParser.funcTypeFormal doesn't insert space between type and variable Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-75 FIXED Syntax Highliter fails for chars Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-165 FIXED Then create new project and add new interpreter for new workspace unnecessary full build request are shown. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-206 FIXED Two Properties on fun resources Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-364 FIXED Update fanide-feature Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-349 FIXED When javaStackFrame.sourcePath is null, try to find source using type and method info Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-315 FIXED exceptions after building fan file with empty name after 'using' Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-350 FIXED f4builder does not correctly report missing dependencies. Major Resolved
   Task FAN-342 FIXED implement FanTestProcessor in Fantom Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-369 FIXED need to support sys::This in parser Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-294 FIXED patch parser to allow "internal" in usings Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-297 FIXED pod name is not updated on build.fan changes Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-376 FIXED project.getLocation.toOSString is bad key for project in FantomProjectManager Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-282 FIXED type mismatch while overriding java interface Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-300 FIXED Браузер AST Major Resolved
   Task FAN-303 FIXED Контейнер для Fantom исходников при запуске как Eclipse приложения для отладки плагинов написанных на Fantom Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-289 FIXED Нельзя открывать внешние .fan файлы Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-296 FIXED Отдать всё что есть незакомиченное по парсеру и его тестам Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-111 WON'T FIX No way to clean BuildPath errors Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-285 WON'T FIX Remove usage of internal packages from f4.ui.text Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-241 DUPLICATE A bunch of OpenType dialog problems Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-65 DUPLICATE Add hyperlinks to compilation errors in console Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-129 DUPLICATE Fan Script explorer doesn't get updated then java class path are changed. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-95 DUPLICATE Fan ScriptExplorer's JDT intergration suck with Java Source Folders Major Resolved
   Task FAN-80 DUPLICATE Provide handy parser Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-362 DUPLICATE there is no selection in closure blocks Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-278 INCOMPLETE Верните Ctrl+Shift+T! Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-259 CANNOT REPRODUCE 'Open Type' throws exceptions sometimes Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-211 CANNOT REPRODUCE AssertionFailedException during editing fan source code Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-145 CANNOT REPRODUCE Can't run server from IDE Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-291 CANNOT REPRODUCE Debugger is broken Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-243 CANNOT REPRODUCE Exception when trying to open fan source from console Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-307 CANNOT REPRODUCE Folding дрочит лишний раз Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-255 CANNOT REPRODUCE Model excepti in console Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-60 CANNOT REPRODUCE New Class/etc Wizards should be similar to JDT one Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-337 INVALID "creation of element failed" error after creating new fantom project Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-163 INVALID Compiler fails silently when no JDK (javac) installed Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-359 INVALID Fix incorrectness in node hierarchy Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-159 INVALID New Source folder in Fan Build Path - Ignore nesting by default Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-160 INVALID org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources.WorkingSetActions don't expect to be used outside of ProjectExplorer Major Resolved
   Task FAN-66 FIXED AST Major Closed
   Bug FAN-292 FIXED Cannot launch fan test by contex menu Major Closed
   Bug FAN-104 FIXED Invalid highlighting for 'get' keyword Major Closed
   Bug FAN-189 FIXED Partition scaner does not work with multiline coment partition Major Closed
   Improvement FAN-115 FIXED Semantic highlighting feature Major Closed
   New Feature FAN-105 FIXED Semantic highlighting for 'it' and 'val' Major Closed
   Bug FAN-335 DUPLICATE Completion does not work correctly inside if condition Major Closed
   Bug FAN-161 DUPLICATE Fan Explorer - не нахожу команду Properties для проекта Major Closed
   Bug FAN-172 CANNOT REPRODUCE Paste 2 files into project will display one file twice in the Fan Explorer Major Closed
   Improvement FAN-382 FIXED Convert 'no fan source folders' from error to warning Minor Resolved
   Improvement FAN-153 FIXED Generated interpreter name should be more descriptive Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-69 FIXED Implement open type in hierarchy action Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-103 FIXED Omit class modifier by default instead of using public modifier Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-247 FIXED Who broke fan? Minor Resolved
   Improvement FAN-313 FIXED Попробовать собрать парсер без com.xored.fanide.core.utils.ElementInfoWrappers работая с этими структурами напрямую Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-88 DUPLICATE New Fan class wizard creates file inside project dir instead of specified directory Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-396 DUPLICATE fantom can't find source when debugging Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-252 CANNOT REPRODUCE Fan source parser exception Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-253 CANNOT REPRODUCE Open Java Element в ScriptExplorer - оно кому-нить вообще надо? Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-181 CANNOT REPRODUCE Pod class element are not highlightened in left area in Pods. Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-49 FIXED Correctly ignore shebang line in the parser Minor Closed
First IDE demo (screencast)
   Bug FAN-236 FIXED No fan source for system libraries Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-182 FIXED Paste problem in Fan Editor Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-200 FIXED exception during Fan source folder creation Critical Resolved
   Bug FAN-224 FIXED Fan explorer should work with Eclispe 3.4 Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-213 FIXED @podSrcDirs doesn't contain subfolders of source folders. Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-195 FIXED Add New Project to Working Set Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-235 FIXED Clicking on Test class in console stack trase opens fcode editor Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-234 FIXED Debug console does not have terminate button Major Resolved
   Task FAN-186 FIXED FCode viewer Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-185 FIXED Fan launch configurations ignore script arguments Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-177 FIXED Fan project build/launch redesign Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-175 FIXED Generate pod.fan for New Project Major Resolved
   Task FAN-217 FIXED Implement Call/Calee hierarchies Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-148 FIXED Implement references search from Pods Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-136 FIXED It's impossible to create fan class that exists in another file. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-226 FIXED Launching of script with builder generated errors doesn't show launch confirmation dialog Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-178 FIXED Launching, Debugging and Fan class naming Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-197 FIXED Link with editor feature are not work for editor inputs linke ExternalStorageEditorInput Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-194 FIXED Menus are not same in Script Explorer and Fan Explorer Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-212 FIXED NPE in UriOperation Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-171 FIXED New Fan projects should include "fan" source folder by default Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-216 FIXED New class/etc wizard creates files without model notification Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-199 FIXED No pod exception Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-210 FIXED NullPointerException after run or debug Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-173 FIXED On fresh workspace source attachment do not work Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-138 FIXED Open Fan type are not called from Ctrl + Shift + T from fan editors, etc. Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-169 FIXED Please provide Fan hover icon for Fan projects Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-170 FIXED Please provide an image for New Fan Project Wizard Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-180 FIXED Pod binary element to source navigation. Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-191 FIXED Pod binary modules doesn't return type, method references Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-227 FIXED Remove dbgp options group from fan debug launch configuration Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-198 FIXED Replace ScriptExplorer to Fan Explorer in Show In... editor context menu Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-176 FIXED Rewrite pod.fan on buildpath changes Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-134 FIXED Several references to same source file when F3 Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-223 FIXED Strange behaviour then we have fan project but no interpreter Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-215 FIXED Unexpected dialog on file save Major Resolved
   New Feature FAN-122 FIXED [Challenge] Better Fan Script Explorer Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-179 FIXED error log entry : Part already exists in page layout: org.eclipse.ui.console.ConsoleView. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-221 FIXED exception when try to create existing element with differ letter case Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-220 FIXED exeption in error log Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-218 FIXED exeption when pod.fan was deleted Major Resolved
   Task FAN-149 WON'T FIX Extract all available positioning information from Pods Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-188 WON'T FIX Fan Native Libraries are not refreshed when adding new jar to $FAN_HOME/lib/java/ext Major Resolved
   Improvement FAN-196 DUPLICATE Create Synthetic filter for Script Explorer/Fan Explorer and for Outline view. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-187 DUPLICATE OutOfMemoryError error during working with FanIDE Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-233 DUPLICATE OutOfMemoryException in FanIDE Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-207 INVALID Link with editor work incorrectly in Fan Explorer. Major Resolved
   Bug FAN-174 INVALID org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: No property tester contributes a property org.eclipse.dltk.hasScriptNature to type class org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Project Major Closed
   Bug FAN-203 FIXED Exception while working in fan editor Minor Resolved
   Improvement FAN-137 FIXED It will be convenient to have build.fan automaticaly generated after project creation Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-205 FIXED Refactoring action hot keys does not work in Fan Explorer Minor Resolved
   Bug FAN-251 INVALID Fan search doesn't completely work Minor Closed
   Improvement FAN-162 FIXED пустой класс FanContentDescriber наверное не нужен вообще? Trivial Resolved


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